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Passions for life!

A Passions RPG (Role Playing Game)
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Characters Not In Use
Rebecca Crane/Hotchkiss
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
TC Russell
Liz ?
Simone Russell
Mrs. Wallace
Beth Wallace
Alistar Crane
Ivy Crane
Sam Bennett
Grace Bennett
Jessica Bennett
Hank Bennett
David Hastings
John Hastings

You are also free to bring back past characters who are no longer on the show!

Characters In Use
Gwen Winhrop, gwennie_girl
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, tlo_fitzgerald
Kay Bennett, kkaybennettgirl
Sheridan Crane, sheridancranelf
Charity Standish, charitystandish
Whitney Russell, jewelsmayfair
Fox Crane, f_o_x_crane
Tabitha, tabitha_l
Eve Russel/Johnson, evejohnson
Chad Harris, chadharris
Ethan Winthrop, _ethan_winthrop
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald, starangel572
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald, __paloma
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, luislopezfitz
Julian Crane, jcrane
Syd Valentine, syd_valentine

1. Only one person can play each character. Also only two characters per person.
2. Update regularly. If you don't have the time to keep your character's journal updated, please let us know so we can find a replacement. If you are going to be out of town or inactive for a period of time, please post on the community page and let us know.
3. Feel free to create relationships with other characters. You do not have to follow the show's actual story line as seen on TV. Be creative!
4. Drama between characters is acceptable; however drama between players is not acceptable. Fighting with another player will get you kicked out of the community. If you have a problem with another player let the maintainer know.
5. Once you have picked your character, post an update in the community and give us a brief introduction/description of your character's background. Also provide us with a link to your character's journal.
6. You must include the disclaimer (copy and paste from below) in your user info.
7. Most importantly, have fun!

Address all questions and issues to the maintainer: nameyourpoisonx

This is not __(insert character's name)__'s livejournal. This journal is part of a Passions role playing game. This journal is fake. This journal is in no way, shape, or form meant to harm the actor or actress who plays this character on Passions. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. See the community pssnsrpg for more information about the Passions role playing game.